If it is said that the difficulty number of God’s penalty armor exercise is 1, the difficulty number of regular form exercise is 2, and the difficulty number of overclocking form exercise is 3.


Then at the same time, the difficulty of operating the star and moon armor overclocking form will soar to 6, which is even higher
Master, where is it now?
Xingyue can see that Ji Xinghe’s exercise ability is stronger than before, but he can’t see how much stronger it is.
Because there is a limit to the conventional form of Xingyuejia, it’s like that both the university schoolmaster and the senior high school schoolmaster are dead after taking the college entrance examination, that is, full marks. The difficulty root of the college entrance examination paper can’t show the gap between their knowledge level and thinking ability.
Trying not to ask Ji Xinghe, the moon and the moon suddenly heard Ji Xinghe’s voice.
"Master, I"
"God punishes armor"
Stars and moons are excited
She Ji Xinghe will try to further control the overclocking form of Xingyuejia before she can practice her exercise ability. Although doing so will wave the overclocking form of Xingyuejia, after all, there is no need for overclocking of Xingyuejia at the current combat root, but what is it if Ji Xinghe wants to practice the wave?
The left and right sides are just some resources. Compared with the gains brought to the Federation in the Chessboard Battle of Ji Xinghe, it is really worthless.
But I didn’t expect that Ji Xinghe’s confidence was as strong as ever, and he wanted to reach the sky directly.
Su Chuanyun, who was driving the divine penalty armor to regain his strength, suddenly found that he lost control of the divine penalty armor.
Is it because the moon and the stars don’t like him, or because he can play at a low level, he can’t bear to take back God’s punishment.
But he suddenly found that God’s punishment for armor did not move.
Boom boom …
The fire plate shook into the cockpit with God’s penalty armor, and suddenly there was no imperial mecha around God’s penalty armor. The imperial mecha had been killed and ran away by him and Ji Xinghe.
What’s left is the conventional forces that are difficult to complete the evacuation of the empire in a short time.
It stands to reason that the weapons possessed by these conventional forces can bring lethality to God’s punishment armor, which is very limited and can be completely ignored.
But the former is a god’s punishment. You can’t stay still.
What’s worse, the empire’s constant fire attack? Tungsten steel alloy to build the body can’t bear it.
"Xingyue, although I have changed dishes now, it’s not that you want to kill me. Believe me, I can be as strong as before, not stronger than before."
Su Chuanyun puzzled statement.
"Shut up!"
Xingyue is not polite because she is a little nervous now.
Her consciousness is now in the divine punishment armor. If the divine punishment armor is broken, she may die first, not Su Chuanyun, but herself.
Although she can be away for a short time, the problem is that she can’t give up helping Ji Xinghe to join the armor at this time, nor can she give up Su Chuanyun’s such a good cover.
Just because she’s exposed doesn’t mean she doesn’t need cover. The Federation knows that she should still be a handful.
Seeing that God’s punishment armor suddenly stopped moving, those who were determined to die chose to take the opportunity to retreat, while others suddenly had the ambition to break God’s punishment armor.
Although it is almost impossible for the mecha of this level to be punished by God, the theory is not impossible.
What if that shot just now blew God’s punishment armor out of order?
The fire from the middle is getting fiercer and fiercer, and God’s penalty armor has swung from side to side, if it is not for the intelligent auxiliary system to help God’s penalty armor keep balance
God’s punishment has now fallen.
Su Chuanyun was really scared, but when Xingyue just shut up, he still tried not to fuck again and dared not ask about the situation.
Are you going to die again?
Just when Su Chuanyun had this idea, God sent a punishment armor to move suddenly.
And it is a direct charge target directed at an imperial artillery position.
Not dead, hahaha …