The bosom friend told the truth and changed the floating name to be true and meaningful;


Ah, with a romantic boat; Ah, take a thousand miles of smoke and waves;
Wandering all over the world …
Listen to the music clearly and move through the cold eardrum. He sipped his mouth and smiled gently. "What a’ bosom friend tells her heart and changes her floating name to be sincere and meaningful’. I remember Blue Girl once told me that she couldn’t sing, but she didn’t expect to have such a touching voice."
Feather is red in the face. Please, how do I know that Lan Feather has such a good voice? I just want to sing what I think.
King Ning’s horse slowed down and ran parallel with the feathered horse.
Lengche tilted his head and looked at Yu Zhen. "Sometimes I envy the chivalrous man in the song for living like Mu Chenxing."
Mu Chenxing? Lan Yuzhen’s heart was filled with courage and piano, and her beautiful mood just added to that spoilsport.
Don’t you always want a chivalrous man like Chu Liuxiang to be your bosom friend? What makes you feel so bad when you meet a thief king?
Chapter 16 Fighting Bear
Soon the hunting team arrived at the paddock, which was a vast forest and a hunting place for princes and grandchildren.
It is said that there are many rare birds and animals in the forest to prevent assassins from mixing into the assassination paddock. There are not only heavy guards but also high walls.
This is a luxurious and real royal hunting ground.
King Ning and his hunting team marched in the paddock.
Feather can’t help but think that it’s really rich than the imperial family. Even hunting has a special hunting place.
Dozens of horses are fanned out, and everyone is rubbing their hands. The horses neighing and pounding, splashing dust.
Ning Wang Lengche took a look at Feather Pastor. Her little face was excited and her cheeks were faintly flushed.
"Do you want to ride a horse with me?" Leng che asked
"No, I’m not a weak girl in Jiao Jiao. What have I never seen before?" Feather and bow swollen face full of fat.
Lengche smiled and nodded. "Good, but if there is a beast, I hope you won’t be scared to cry! There are tigers, leopards and bears here! " As soon as he reined in, he winked at the two guards and asked them to be careful to protect the feather guards.
The hunting horn finally blew "Woo ……" It was very exciting, and the drums rang like thunder.
The horns and drums alarmed the rare birds and animals in the forest. Many animals ran to find a place to hide. Ning Wang and dozens of hounds were sensitive to their barking in hiding places.
Ning Wang squinted and listened to the ear. After judging the position, Ning Wang waved his hand gently
Guards and entourage horseshoe and rushed to the forest hunting formally.
From time to time, animals such as foxes and rabbits appear in the forest, and everyone is chasing them and shooting at these poor little animals with high winds and arrows.
I didn’t expect hunting to be such a bloody killing process. Looking at those small animals, the hounds rushed to bite the feather, and my heart trembled. Poor little creature!
I was thinking that suddenly a small sika deer appeared obliquely next to me. It was so small that it didn’t even grow antler. I might be scared and jump out and rush to the front.
It’s so cute that the eyes of the feather are attracted by the deer. It would be nice if it were itself.
King Ning looked around him and smiled at the corners of his mouth. He raised his bow and filled it with bows.
Feather Zhen is watching the deer figure. Suddenly, a sharp arrow in the field of vision cuts through the air and chases the deer, accurately and mistakenly hitting a hind leg of the deer.
The deer plopped down, but the tenacious little thing got up and still insisted on jumping forward quickly.
Feather Zhen gave a cold look and rode after the deer. "Thousands of miles of snow" disappeared in the sight of everyone like a white flash.
"What are you doing there? Hurry up!" Lengche solemnly ordered himself to urge the horse to chase the feather.
However, I didn’t expect that the "thousands of miles of snow" would disappear so quickly that they could find the trail of feathers according to the blood left by the injured deer on the grass.
Besides, after turning a dozen trees, Feather Beard saw a deer that couldn’t hold on to the ground. Feather Beard quickly bridled his horse and approached it.
Feather jumped to the horse and held the deer in her arms. Its slender legs were still bleeding. Feather was very distressed. She reached out and pulled out her arrow and took out a white handkerchief. The deer bandaged the injured hind leg.
"It’s all because of that cruel and cold deer. I’m so sorry that my sister took you back to recuperate for you." Feather said as she got up and wanted to carry the deer to the horse’s back.
However, the "Qianli Snow" on the quiet side screamed desperately, swinging its mane so hard that almost people stood up.
Feather Zhen was surprised. She immediately looked around and saw the warning of "a thousand miles of snow". Is there a beast?
A black figure emerged from a bush. It turned out to be a fat black bear. It looked at the feather and growled and opened its big mouth with sharp teeth. The two paws were also sharp as knives and nails.
Feather’s head is buzzing. Oh, my God, aren’t all the bears in the zoo so cute? Every time they are given food, they will pat and circle, but in front of them …
Even if such a big black bear is a black belt in Taekwondo, why can’t he throw the bear over his shoulder?
Feather Zhen stepped back step by step, complaining in his heart. Why am I so unlucky? I’ve never met anything good, and I’m afraid I’ll have to cook bear food when I travel through ancient times.
I was thinking that the black bear had quickly swooped in front of me.
Oh, my God, who always says stupid bear, stupid bear? This bear is very flexible!
The feather is going round and round, barely avoiding the black bear’s first attack. The thick bear’s paw hits a tree and the thick tree at the mouth of the bowl should be broken.
Oh, my god, my legs are soft. If I slap myself …
She wants to run to the tree, but what if the tree is uprooted by the bear? Playing dead on the ground seems to be a better move, but now I’m jumping around and suddenly playing dead on the ground, isn’t it a door for the black bear? If a bear sits on its butt and never dies, it will be crippled or a black bear will rise and pat its head to pieces … I dare not think about it again.

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