Anfensi frowned. He felt that Lu Chen’s water release was very obvious. Even though he didn’t know much about fighting, he knew that there were several places where Lu Chen could directly destroy the gods, but he didn’t do so and continued to collect combat data for the gods.


"Can Professor Kumar of ibuprofen completely get rid of the dross that Lu Chen instilled in him?"
Anfensi asked.
Professor Ibuprofen took a leisurely tea. "This is impossible because we simply don’t understand the battle place. The battle data has been collected for many years, but we didn’t manually program it. Kama can’t judge the good or bad combat mode, and of course we can’t judge and give it an excellent algorithm."
Professor Ibuprofen spread his hand. "It’s better to say that if there is such a perfect combat algorithm, we don’t need Kama to collect combat data at all."
"That it wouldn’t be hidden trouble! ?”
Carlos was shocked that Lu Chen had been fighting with the gods for a long time.
Wisdom people are also frowning. They now think that Lu Chen was inspired by Tianhua Lu to "pollute" the gods and finally seek the gods. Of course, it is not Lu Chen but Tianhua Lu people.
Tianhua Lu’s monk at that level, if he has mastered the defects of the artificial fairy-god battle system, is hopeful to win Liu Chen, which is equivalent to planting viruses for the gods.
"We can’t stop eating artificial fairy gods because we don’t see enough. We need talented combat data like Lu Chen, even if it has dross, it will be stronger than before."
Professor Ibuprofen laughed. "Gentlemen, you don’t want an artificial fairy god to be punched to death by someone like Xue Defei after he is born, do you?"
Professor Ibuprofen’s words have made many wise men look black, and it is a strange star. According to the wise men, the mountain owners of this tournament have lived longer, and the woman is probably the strongest star to bury the gods.
In the past 10,000 years, no one has fought against Xue Defeat. No one knows how strong she is now. The result given in the Kumar combat power prediction model is that if the artificial fairy battle system is not upgraded, the winning rate against Xue Defeat will be very low when she was born.
"There are so many things these days that I always feel a little uneasy about going there to see one."
Anfensi said after a moment of silence, turn away.
He walked into a ladder tunnel in science and technology, which is a fast shuttle technology, and he can reach another place in the ancient planet in a few seconds
He walked out of a silver door from the ladder door and took out the limited card brush on his chest. After that, the Kama sound sounded.
Professor Anfensi, please verify your fingerprint, tattoo, iris and gait gene sequence.
Anfensi skillfully carried out a series of verification, and the silver door opened before him and closed instantly after he entered the middle.
Many high-tech weapons in the passage were closed one by one because of his arrival. If this place is illegally invaded, even the first-time monk will be instantly erased.
On both sides of the corridor, there is a blue and gold mecha every 100 meters. This is the highest armor of the ancient star in the universe. The theory of high armor can bury most of the final monks of the star.
Anfensi’s footstep assist system started to quickly walk through the corridor until a circle appeared at the end of the corridor.
There is a three-way metal ring in the center to construct a circular domain, and a metal sphere is suspended in the center.
Blue metal flows like a liquid. Does it tremble like a fetal movement?
There are blue and gold optical fiber connection surfaces around the metal, and the data stream is continuously transmitted to the Ministry, while the Ministry also transmits the data stream to the outside.
These "data lines" are not ordinary materials and are not at the same level as other ancient stars, but a statue of biological remains found in their stars is made of tentacles.
The metal ball department also has the central processing unit of the cosmic sea star Rui Kama, which is difficult for the whole star to find peerless fairy materials again.
But this is the main computer room of Kama, and it is also the incubator of artificial fairy gods.
The flowing metal sphere is connected by three pipes, one of which conveys the highest body evolution fluid of the ancient universe, and the other pipe input is the secret environment needed by the man-made creature, the meridian monk, who collected the precious fluid from their star colony.
The transportation in the last pipeline is the continuous absorption of the spirit marrow in the long years, and it can reach high strength when it is born.
Click a few times on the console next to Anfensi, and this metal fluid ball becomes semi-transparent. You can see that there is a statue of a stone man in the department, and the light core between the eyebrows of the stone man shines like breathing, conveying data outward.
If Lu Chen is here, he will be surprised, because the metal fetal part is not his thing, but a statue of the stone man holy spirit!
Chapter one thousand and fifty-seven Virtual cracks
Silent Star A woman in black stopped to show her eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
She is obsessed with the star extension, and her hand is like calculating something.
"No … no … what before the meeting?"
Xue defeated day look unprecedented dignified like found something very unusual.