Chapter sixty-one Congcong by mistake


Zhang Xiaotian slowly slowed down his steps and walked casually in front. His mind was watching the situation behind him.
The footsteps are getting closer and closer. Judging from the footsteps, Zhang Xiaotian knows that there are two ghost repairs in total this time.
And the two ghosts seem to be getting slower and less urgent. It’s a little … light and quiet.
Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, has been very sure that he came to ghost repair either on his own or because he wanted to hurt himself.
Hum, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, sneered. I didn’t expect that I didn’t want to provoke other ghosts, but they took the initiative to send the door. Well, I must have attracted the attention of the ghosts when I was selling fine beads at the booth. There is no other explanation except this.
Zhang Xiaotian’s daring to take out refined beads for sale is naturally a high-skilled ghost’s courage. He won’t try to hide his strength. If you look weak in this ghost-eating world, then you will be bullied, but he won’t take the initiative to expose it. But if anyone dares to underestimate him, then Zhang Xiaotian will make them die ugly.
A path Zhang Xiaotian walked slowly in front, and the two ghosts behind him followed the situation very strangely.
Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotian turned around and stared at the magic weapon in the hands of the two ghosts. The magic weapon was about to attack. The two ghosts got such a fright that they almost fell to the ground with a trembling hand.
One red and one blue are in the booth. Those two laughed at Zhang Xiaotian’s ghost repair.
Zhang Xiaotian immediately smiled slightly. "I don’t know what the two brothers are doing behind so furtively?"
Blue ghost repair may feel that he was scared by a black kid and lost his face. He couldn’t help being angry and said, "Who are you sneaking around with?" This road is not you, you go, we still go. "
"oh? So you two are passing by? " Zhang Xiaotian Gherardini asked.
"You …" Blue Ghost Xiu was stopped by Red Ghost Xiu when he had to say something.
Red Ghost Xiu smiled, "This brother is a good thing! I can’t believe you can show us before, so let’s put it bluntly. Everyone knows that you are a clever ghost, and I believe you know how to choose! Let the soul stone go and we can let you go! "
"Eldest brother, how can …" Blue Ghost Xiu couldn’t help but get up in a hurry and was about to persuade him to be swallowed by Red Ghost Xiu with a stare.
In fact, Red Ghost Xiu is a little uneasy in his heart. I don’t know how to be confident, but I can’t help feeling a little guilty after seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s never-forced behavior and his seemingly meaningful eyes. Is there anything to rely on in front of this kid? Red Ghost Xiu thought and his tone of voice relaxed a little.
"If I hadn’t done anything, I wouldn’t have lived to this day, and I wouldn’t have gotten such a precious skill as Jingzhu. I think you all know that you two are smart ghosts, and I believe you also know how to choose your magic weapon and let you two go!" Zhang Xiaotian light retorted.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Red Ghost Xiu laughed after listening to Zhang Xiaotian’s speech.
Zhang Xiaotian didn’t just look at him lightly.
After a while, the Red Ghost Xiu stopped and said coldly, "Brother, I have to admit that you are very clever. I didn’t expect you to be so sensitive that even I was almost fooled by you. But I have to say that if you don’t say such a thing, I will really win your city plan. What do you rely on? But you said that you can let us go. Hum, if you really have something, will you let us go? I’m sorry, brother. You hurt you with one word! You-you’re dead! "
Zhang Xiaotian frightened to disgrace a pair of guessed heart sample.
Red Ghost Xiu smiled coldly and waved his hand, and Blue Ghost Xiu attacked one person with a mental attack.
I have to say that this Red Ghost Xiu is very cautious in doing things. Both of them are much stronger than the black kid’s ghost peak, but they choose to sneak attack on lions and rabbits, which is one in a hundred. For example, when Red Ghost Xiu guessed Zhang Xiaotian’s plan and was not sure, he first tried to test his language. When he saw that Zhang Xiaotian was really frightened, he was relieved to attack the past. This way, Ghost Xiu often lived longer, but it was a pity that they touched Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Xiaotian is a bit hectic, and hurriedly gives two mental attack waves to attack and intercept the mental attack in the past.
Red Ghost Repairs Two Ghosts Funny Looking at Zhang Xiaotian in a hurry, I couldn’t help but feel funny after seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s two mental attack waves to intercept himself. In their hearts, even Zhang Xiaotian’s mental attack may not be able to block a worse situation and divide it into two ways. Seeing that Zhang Xiaotian didn’t make a magic weapon, the Red Devil’s repair is also reassuring. In his opinion, the biggest variable is that Zhang Xiaotian has a powerful magic weapon, but now it seems that this black kid doesn’t have a magic weapon, so this time he is really dead. It is doubtful that the same black kid wants to fight with the Red Devil’s repair.
Red Ghost Xiu did not release a magic weapon to continue attacking. In his view, there is no magic weapon to resist Zhang Xiaotian, who is a fool.
Zhang Xiaotian saw that they didn’t continue to attack the magic weapon, so I couldn’t help but feel at ease. That’s exactly what Zhang Xiaotian wanted. Zhang Xiaotian can deal with the endless magic weapon, but a touch can make it fail. But they were afraid that their magic weapon has been completely recognized. In that case, the magic weapon is still attached with the mind, but the main action depends on the master’s mind. Even if Hou Nianli disappears, the magic weapon will still follow the master’s orders and act, but it will be a little ineffective in the process of action. In that case, it is really a little trouble.
The degree of mental attack is very fast, and the four mental attack waves meet together in an instant.
Red Ghost Xiu and Blue Ghost Xiu excitedly watched each other rob, which they often do, but they didn’t expect the robbery to be so easy.
1,200 soul stones are not a small amount for them, and this is not other things. Look at the basket behind the black kid, there should be other good things in it. The two ghosts thought that their eyes were all gone.
I didn’t know that Zhang Xiaotian was just in a hurry. At this time, he was looking at them with a sneer and dead eyes. He didn’t believe that these two ghosts could read themselves.
Suddenly, the expressions of the two excited ghosts’ faces became solidified and gradually revealed a surprised expression. However, before they finished expressing themselves, the two ghosts both fell to the ground.
At the moment when they looked at each other, four mental attack waves were already separating the strength from the weakness. To their surprise, Zhang Xiaotian’s two seemingly weak mental attacks quickly shot at them after eliminating their mental attacks.
The wave of mental attack is two times, and when the ghost roots didn’t come, they were both knocked to the ground and died. They didn’t understand why Zhang Xiaotian’s mental attack was so powerful, but no one explained it to them.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled. To his surprise, the battle went smoothly. What amused him was that the Red Ghost Xiu Zi Cong actually told a lot of truth. When he came to Zhang Xiaotian, he saw that the two ghosts were qualified and repaired, and they were still able to sneak attack. Then he had to fight with the two ghosts who were so cautious. It must be a hard struggle, but I didn’t expect that it was so easy to end the battle now.
Zhang Xiaotian stretched out his right hand and moved his mind. Blackstone appeared in his right hand and strode towards the bodies of two ghosts.
Chapter sixty-two Goodbye Li Fugui
Zhang Xiaotian stuck Blackstone on the Red Ghost to practice his mind and body, and was about to urge Blackstone to absorb his soul.
Suddenly, the distance came again, and I hurried to approach here.
Zhang Xiaotian is wrinkly to knit the brows, not make their own idea ghost repair more than these two?
I felt a Zhang Xiaotian again carefully, and I was relieved to come to ghost repair, but there was only one.
He wouldn’t be afraid if it weren’t for Zhang Xiaotian in the ghost period, and even if Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t beat it in the ghost period, he was completely sure to run away. It’s not a waste of energy to learn flying skills with Sanying in the secular world.
Because there is a small slope between here and footsteps, Zhang Xiaotian can hear footsteps and can’t see ghosts.
I don’t know. Zhang Xiaotian didn’t want to expose Blackstone, so Zhang Xiaotian put Blackstone away and no longer absorbed energy. He was groping for something with his hands in two ghosts. He just clearly saw that both ghosts had magic weapons in their hands. I didn’t expect Ghosts to be so rich in hell. Both ghosts had magic weapons, which made Zhang Xiaotian wonder if this magic weapon was so worthless in hell.
Sure enough, in a short time, Zhang Xiaotian found a bell and a small seal from the two ghosts. When Zhang Xiaotian was surprised, there was even a package of soul stones, and there were many samples. There were more than 17 soul stones alone, and there were many neutrals, but compared with this, the value was much worse.
At this time, the footsteps gradually approached and gradually jumped over the small slope.
Zhang Xiaotian looked up and looked there in the past, but after Zhang Xiaotian saw clearly, he couldn’t help getting up from the ground and frowned. I didn’t expect this ghost repair to be the stall Li Fugui.
"ah? Zhang … Zhang Dage, are you … are you all right? " Seeing Zhang Xiaotian in front of your face, Li Fugui couldn’t help stuttering and asking, especially after seeing the bodies of the two ghosts in Zhang Xiaotian’s feet, the mouth is even bigger.
"Why? Do you really want something to happen to me? " Zhang Xiaotian eyebrows a pick light asked
"No, it’s not Zhang Dage. Don’t get me wrong. I’m seeing these two ghosts coming to you in this direction without buying anything after you left. I know they’re up to no good, but it’s a little slow at the end of the stall." Li Fugui couldn’t help but quickly explained that when he heard Zhang Xiaotian’s voice, he was surprised to see the bodies of the two ghosts. Li Fugui didn’t react until he said something wrong.
"Oh, so you are kind to wake me up? I don’t know how you are going to wake me up? " Zhang Xiaotian light asked.
"This ….." Li Fugui is a little embarrassed. Zhang Xiaotian is in the first two ghosts. He is behind to say that he is coming to wake Zhang Xiaotian. Don’t say that Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t believe it, even he doesn’t make sense.
"You go!" Zhang Xiaotian eyes first flashed a malicious folded but finally hesitated after a light said
Li Fugui’s face turned blue and white after hearing this, and he bit his teeth and said, "Actually, I came here to think that if Brother Zhang didn’t get hurt by them, then I will help you get rid of them. If you have been hurt by them, then I will take revenge on you except them."
"Are you so kind?" Zhang Xiaotian asked a little surprised exports.
Li Fugui said with a face of embarrassment, "This … generally, it’s very rich to love to rob people like this. Besides, you are my customer, and you were stared at by them only when you traded in my place. I naturally have some responsibility, but I didn’t think of it …"
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian after listening to the light should be along with didn’t say much.
Li Fugui, if it’s true, then he’s already good. After all, the two of them don’t have any friendship, but they just had a deal. This is good because he wants to rob these two ghosts. Although he doesn’t know what he has to say so loudly, it’s normal. It’s even worse in the secular ghost world. A higher level of hell? However, people are unpredictable. Zhang Xiaotian didn’t believe what he said just because of his words. Who knows if he came so late and wanted to wait until these two ghosts robbed themselves before he robbed them. In that case, wouldn’t he have a bigger collection?
"Fat rice!" Zhang Xiaotian weigh in hand with the fat boy’s ear, weigh in hand with the fat boy from the back basket and shouted.
Fat people never picky about food, which is also one of its great advantages. Although Blackstone is delicious after being refined, it can be eaten without being refined.

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